How It Works for Grantmakers & Companies

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Catchafire's skill-based volunteer solution is a powerful tool for grantmakers

Your Foundation's Goal
  • Provide grantees with high-impact operational support and technical assistance.

  • Foster civic engagement in the community and build bridges between nonprofit and business sectors.

  • Better understand your grantees’ ongoing needs.

  • Provide professional development and network-building opportunities for nonprofit leaders.

  • Engage donors and potential donors by creating opportunities to work directly with grantees from anywhere, anytime.

How Catchafire Can Help
  • We create an online platform with your foundation’s branding that your grantees can use to access highly skilled support on a range of needs, from marketing to finance to organizational strategy, and much more..

  • We advise your grantees on how to identify and prioritize their needs and effectively engage with skilled volunteers on more than 100 structured projects.

  • We provide your grantees with access to a large network of passionate, skilled professionals eager to volunteer their time and talent.

Support grantees with a powerful capacity building tool

Catchafire creates an online portal with your foundation’s branding, which serves as a one-stop shop for your grantees to:

  • Identify their specific needs.
  • Get help on structured projects with predefined requirements, milestones, and timelines to help the organization manage each engagement.
  • Get pro bono advice from experienced professionals through 1-hour calls that attract skilled volunteers to their cause.

Catchafire runs the program from top to bottom. We use our expertise in nonprofit engagement and capacity building to get the word out to grantees, educate them about skills-based volunteering, and provide excellent support throughout their experience.

Metrics & Reporting

Receive critical reporting and analysis on the activities of your grantees and the volunteers they engage with through your foundation’s branded platform.

We help you gain valuable insights about your grantees and their needs throughout the year, and share fantastic stories about impact that’s been made through your program.

Full Support & Service

For your foundation:

  • A dedicated account manager will support and implement the program, share reporting and analysis, and work with you to optimize the program and communications for your foundation, grantees, and supporters.

For your grantees:

  • Nonprofit advisors provide needs assessment and project planning consultations, helping nonprofits sequence their projects to best achieve their organizational goals.
  • Customer success supports nonprofits and volunteers with any issues and trouble shoots all technical problems.
  • Regular emails to educate organizations about how to get the most use out of the platform.
  • Regular communications to organizations to ensure projects are running smoothly and preemptively identify issues.