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Cheri W.

Co-Producing Artistic Director
New York, NY, USA


Cheri Wicks, Co-Producing Artistic Directors
Cheri Wicks is an actor and theater producer in New York City. She succeeded the position of Managing Director of American Bard Theater Company from Erin Gilbreth in the fall of 2012. Growing up in central Montana where productions were scarce, she learned to round up everyone she could, put some of them on stage, the rest in seats, and then put on a show. After high school, Cheri studied dance in New York and returned to Montana where she was a choreographer and dancer with the Montana State University Dance Company. Cheri continued honing her production skills as an assistant on the ASMSU (Associated Students of Montana State University) Campus Entertainment-Lively Arts and Lectures. Transferring to the University of Oregon, she continued to perform, worked as the Performing Arts Coordinator for the Cultural Forum, and finished her B.A. in English Literature. In New York, Cheri works in theater, film, and television - her love of performing and producing continues to grow.